Fisher Island Club Executive Chef Stephane Caporal Unveils this Season’s New Menu Highlights

Yellow Fin Tuna Tartar at Golf Grill

Fisher Island Club is pleased to debut this season’s new menus, created by Executive Chef Stephane Caporal. I personally am very excited to sample all of his new creations at our restaurants!


MIAMI (Jan. 6, 2015) – Fisher Island Club’s Executive Chef, Stephane Caporal, announces the launch of the tantalizing new menus of the season for all seven restaurants at one the world’s most exclusive private island Clubs and vacation destinations. A fascinating retreat for the most privileged members and guests, Fisher Island Club boasts fine dining eateries La Trattoria, Beach Club, Porto Cervo, Garwood Lounge, City View, Golf Grill and Island Market, all of which have been infused with the culinary prowess of one of world’s most talented chefs.

For the sumptuous new dishes, Caporal has combined traditional and new cooking techniques as well as the most exquisite and high-quality ingredients to satisfy the discerning palettes of more than 700 Club Members as well as hotel guests.

A-List celebrities, dignitaries and the upper crust of the worldly elite return to Fisher Island Club for the season, which runs from Thanksgiving through July 4. In anticipation, Caporal creates the most memorable and creative new dishes and is personally requested by the islands’ Club Members to prepare private meals and special occasion fare. Caporal was recently asked by a member to prepare a seven foot smoked alligator. All requests are met, no matter how unique, with Caporal filling each order with the finest products, even if they need to be flown in from around the world.

Some highlights from the season’s new menus include:
• Ghisa polpette al forno (La Trattoria): Meatballs, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and parsley.
• Skirt steak (Beach Club): Skirt steak, fried tostones, pico de gallo, lime cilantro green sauce and micro cilantro.
• Farro salad (Porto Cervo): Imported farro semiperlato, green peas, fava beans, baby kale leaves, extra virgin olive oil (D.O.P), white asparagus tips, green asparagus tips, crumbled torched feta cheese, roasted silvered almond, scallion, fresh black ground pepper and Himalayan salt.
• Paris-Brest (Golf Grill): French dessert made of choux pastry and a praline flavored cream.
• Salade d’Asperges (Vanderbilt Mansion): green asparagus, white asparagus, grated egg whites, grated egg yolks, mimosa vinaigrette, sliced truffles in oil.

Caporal is also personally responsible for creating all special event and catering menus and requests for events with up to 500 guests. Some of his most creative catering dishes this season include:
• Venison loin (Wine dinner): seared venison loin, mix mushrooms ragout, green and white asparagus mat, blackberries, lingonberry compote
• Quattro appetizers plate (Member wedding): Hamachi tiradito, spicy octopus salad, prime beef tartar, torched feta and watermelon stack.
• Tricolor roasted beets carpaccio (wedding): tricolor beets, roasted walnuts, artisan petite lettuce mix, fpourme d’ambert cheese, D.O.P oil, micro flowers

“I remain true to my French traditions yet I enjoy creating new and exciting dishes and incorporating innovative cooking techniques,” Caporal said. “Sourcing high-quality and fresh ingredients remains my main focus as each element of a meal culminates to create the overall taste and essence of the dish.”

Caporal has distinguished himself as one of the country’s preeminent chef’s with the prestigious post on Fisher Island. Born and raised in Paris, Caporal was exposed to the joy of cooking at a young age where he became inquisitive about all the delectable dishes being prepared in the family kitchen. He counts famed French chef Marc Meneau as a source of inspiration as well as the motivation to follow his dream and attend culinary school at the prestigious Lycee Rene Auffray in Paris. Caporal graduated with honors and soon took his place at the four-star Hotel de Paris followed by the Pavilion Henry IV. Impressing all, he was recruited as a personal chef for the European families Laborde, Martin and Mills. After travelling to exotic locations with the families, he returned to his restaurant roots at Costes Hotel and L’Avenue. Given his talent and reputation, he was recruited by Fisher Island Club eleven years ago, where he rose to his current position of executive chef.

“I consider myself the ultimate foodie, it is my life,” Caporal said. “I am in the kitchen as much as I can be as this is where I find joy, it is one of the greatest parts of my job,” Caporal said. “I will keep finding exciting ways to create new dishes so I can bring to Fisher Island Club members and the world the very best.”


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