Fisher Island Club Featured on Forbes


Forbes recently spotlighted Fisher Island Club and captured all the reasons why it’s truly a slice of heaven.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The next morning Lackner takes us on a guided tour of the property in his golf cart with a “CEO” plaque on the front windshield. “One of the perks,” Lackner jokes. In reality, though he’s not kidding. Fisher Island Club really does need a CEO—because CEOs and other billionaire types are the people Lackner is tasked with keeping happy. “We can’t just deliver ‘wow’,” Lackner says, “We have to deliver ‘wow-wow’ for both our residents and equity members and the guests who come to experience the island.”

The Lackner ‘wow-wow’ is an ethos that permeates everything and everyone at Fisher Island Club. And the island’s two indulgent centerpieces, the Spa Internazionale and the Beach Club, are no exception. For a few brief moments of total relaxation, you’re worth millions (or billions) and your every need is not simply catered to—it’s predicted before you even know what you want. Given that half the people on Fisher Island’s beach likely own a private jet (or two), Lackner knows as well as anyone in the luxury hospitality business that this level of personal attention is an art form. And it comes with a price.

“Of course, we have a budget,” he says smiling, waving out towards the grass and clay tennis courts. “But it’s a big budget.”

Read the full article here.


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