Ocean Drive features Fisher Island Club in its December issue

Fisher Island Club

Fisher Island Club was recently featured in the December issue of Ocean Drive.

Below is an excerpt of the article:

Fisher Island has long been an oasis for celebrities, athletes and entrepreneurs from more than 45 countries. The island offers eight dining venues, a day school, post office, full service salon, and the five-star Spa Internazionale. The island’s tennis center is one of the few places in the world where players could enjoy four different surfaces, including grass and red clay. “It’s like a sanctuary, a place that provides you with amenities hard to find anywhere else in the world,” says Bernard Lackner, CEO of the Fisher Island Club. “You are disconnected from the hustle and bustle of Miami, and so it feels like you are far away, but at the same time you are close.”

Read the full article on page 301 of Ocean Drive’s digital edition.


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