Luxury Retreats Magazine names Fisher Island Club’s Executive Chef Stephane Caporal one of the Hottest Chefs in Miami

Chef Stephane Caporal: Fisher Island Club

Fisher Island Club’s Executive Chef Stephane Caporal has been named one of Miami’s Hottest Chefs by Luxury Retreats Magazine.

Below is an excerpt of the article:

Sitting with Fisher Island Club’s dark haired, intense chef Stephane Caporal, it’s hard to imagine him in the uniform of the French Navy, but the young man found a way to make his compulsory military service tie in with his love of cooking. ”I was the personal chef for a three-star admiral. Not bad,” he says laughing. “I was lucky.”

His passion for food and his good luck began early. At five years old Stephane was following his mother around the kitchen, steaming fish and making a julienne of vegetables. In the school cafeteria he was critiquing lunches. “I just loved food!” he says. On his 10th birthday his aunt took him to famed restaurant Le Crillon in Paris, and his grandparents followed up with a trip to a Michelin three-star restaurant. “It changed my life!” he says. “At 10, I knew I wanted to be a chef. “Tell most kids they’re going to a football (soccer) game and they’re happy. Me? Tell me we’re going to a restaurant gastronomique and WOW!”

Read more of the article here.


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