The Historic Vanderbilt Mansion at Fisher Island Club

Vanderbilt Mansion

It is incredibly exciting to work in a place with such a rich history as Fisher Island. As some of you may know, William K. Vanderbilt II began building his $1.5 million Mediterranean-style mansion on the Island in 1936. Today, the historic Vanderbilt Mansion serves as the center of Fisher Island Club life.

Last year, extensive renovations were made to Fisher Island Club’s amenities, including a thoughtful restoration to the Mansion. It was wonderful to oversee the refurbishment of the Vanderbilt home back to its former glory. In case you missed it, you can read about the renovations in the Miami Herald article “Historic Vanderbilt mansion gets a new life on ultra-private Fisher Island.” Below is a portion of the article:

“It’s quite a change. We intend with the renovation to make a statement. We are completely rejuvenated, refreshed,’’ said the new CEO, Bernard Lackner, who scaled back the hotel to a 15-room boutique operation to keep quality high. The guest cottages and servants’ quarters, also recently restored, are part of the hotel.

At the Vanderbilt house, the project meant extending the pool deck, reopening spaces in an entry loggia that had been blocked off years ago to create office space, refinishing millwork and wrought iron and, perhaps most dramatically, completely refurbishing the second story, which long served as a club within a club, open only to equity members. Once a dark, closed-in space, the expansive “snooker room,’’ formerly Rosamund’s bedroom, is now a bright, cozy lounge.

The only surviving piece of the Vanderbilts’ furniture, Rosamund’s vanity, sits in the room.


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